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class of 2024


Major: B.S. in Business Administration option in Marketing
High School: Monache High School
Hometown: Porterville, CA
Campus Involvement: OSP Student Ambassador and Marketing Internship with the Athletic Department.
What you aspire to be: “I aspire to be a Social Media Marketing Manager/Assistant. I also aspire to have my own gym apparel brand and to open up my own private gym in the Central Valley.”


class of 2024


Major: B.S. in Business Administration option in Marketing
High School: Monache High School
Hometown: Porterville, CA
Campus Involvement: OSP Student Ambassador and Marketing Internship with the Athletic Department.
What you aspire to be: “I aspire to be a Social Media Marketing Manager/Assistant. I also aspire to have my own gym apparel brand and to open up my own private gym in the Central Valley.”

class of 2024


Major: B.S. in Business Administration option in Marketing
High School: Monache High School
Hometown: Porterville, CA
Campus Involvement: OSP Student Ambassador and Marketing Internship with the Athletic Department.
What you aspire to be: “I aspire to be a Social Media Marketing Manager/Assistant. I also aspire to have my own gym apparel brand and to open up my own private gym in the Central Valley.”


class of 2024


Major: B.S. in Business Administration option in Marketing
High School: Monache High School
Hometown: Porterville, CA
Campus Involvement: OSP Student Ambassador and Marketing Internship with the Athletic Department.
What you aspire to be: “I aspire to be a Social Media Marketing Manager/Assistant. I also aspire to have my own gym apparel brand and to open up my own private gym in the Central Valley.”

Special Program Borrower Affiliation TypeCirculation PeriodItem Check-Out LimitInterlibrary Loan/UBorrowOff-Campus Access to Electronic Resources
Special Programs (ELI, REU, SSTP)1 week5NoOn-site onlyNo fees
General Public (community borrowers)3 weeks10Fees

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Library Catalog – search all the books and materials from the UF Libraries
One Search – search most of the library’s electronic and print resources
E-Journals – search journals online
A-Z database list – search all our databases
UFDC – Unique UF items, with over 300 outstanding digital collections
Finding Aids – search archival records and manuscript collections


Library Catalog – search for books and materials from the UF Libraries
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E-Journals – search journals online
A-Z database list – view a list of all our databases
UFDC – Search for unique UF items and digital collections
Finding Aids – search archival records and manuscript collections


Have you heard about details?

It’s a pretty useful element that handles accordion / collapsed text natively!

So how does it work?

You wrap a details element around any block of HTML content. The browser will collapse that block of text until a user opens the details block.

Once a user opens a details block, they’ll be able to read all that hidden content!

If you want the details block open by default, include the open attribute on the opening tag:

But how do I set a custom title?

That’s pretty manageable too! Use the summary element.

Put a summary at the beginning of your details element and Boom! – you’ve got a custom title for your details block.

No worries if you don’t add a summary. The browser will put the word “Details” in there for you. (After all, users need something to click!)

That’s cool, but what about styles?

Yes, you’re covered there too! Style the details element however you like. Give it a border, some padding, whatever.

The summary element is where the marker lives. If you want to get rid of that, there is a prefixed pseudo-element selector ::-webkit-details-marker: set that to display: none for WebKit browsers. In Firefox, it’s much simpler: set the summary to display: block or flex (anything but the native display: list-item) and you’ll get rid of the for you.

Ok, ok, but what about styling based on state?

Once again, details has got your back! When a details block is open, it has the open attribute that I mentioned earlier. To style it (or its children) based on its state, use details[open] { }.

Note: there’s no closed attribute: styles you apply by “default” will be used on the closed state.

But this requires JavaScript, right?

Open the JS panel on this pen. Clean as a whistle! This is handled totally by the browser.

What about accessibility? Is that the catch?

Sorry to disappoint you. Since these are native HTML elements, they provide useful semantic information to screen readers.

Screen readers will typically read the summary for a collapsed details block (and communicate that it’s collapsed). They’ll also provide an interactive hook for users to open the details block. If the details is already expanded, they’ll read the whole content.

I don’t rely on assistive tech to read the web, so I’m probably not aware of some limitations or drawbacks to using details and summary, but I suspect their AX is at least as good as (if not better than) most JavaScript-dependent accordion solutions.

Excellent! More information, please!

You bet! Here are some great resources on details & summary:

But what about cross-browser compatibility?

Yeah, sorry. Here’s some bad news. IE, Edge, and Opera Mini don’t currently support details/summary with native open/close behavior (check out caniuse data for details).


These browsers will show all your details elements expanded. That’s not the worst though: it’s a bit of progressive enhancement: if the browser doesn’t support the native UI behavior, the content will still be visible to users.

It’s unlikey IE11 will be getting any updates on this front, but there’s hope for Edge! If this is important to you, please cast a vote a vote for Edge to support details/summary. (Or just wait for Edge to use Chromium, I guess. 😕)

If you do need to have open/close behavior in IE11 (or any other non-supporting browser), you’ll probably need a polyfill. This Smashing Magazine details polyfill tutorial looks like a good place to start.

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Le Comte Ory

One particularly valuable item within the Rare Book Collection is a copy of the original 1816 libretto Le Comte Ory that recounts the escapades of a lascivious French aristocrat, Count…


Moods is Louisa May Alcott’s lesser known first novel, originally published in 1864. The novel and context surrounding its publishing present an interesting glimpse into the life and mind of…

The Faerie Queene

Edmund Spenser’s The Fairie Queene is likely not be the first work of literature to come to mind when asking the question: where can we find authors who subvert gender…

The Metamorphoses

Lastly, Caeneus—born Caenis—who appears in Book Eight, but whose origin is only explained in the twelfth book. After Caenis’s rape at the hands of Neptune, or Poseidon in Greek mythology,…

CONVERSATIONS: The Guayo Collection

On March 21, Dr. Lillian Guerra and Martha Kapelewski presented the Smathers Libraries newest collection. The Eduardo “Guayo” Hernández collection contains documents, letters, newspaper articles, photographs, slides, correspondence, films, documentaries,…

CONVERSATIONS: The St. George Collection

On January 30, Dr. Lillian Guerra presented “Witness to Revolution: Cuba & the Photography of Andrew St. George.” This collection is a gift of Andrew Szentgyorgyi and his family, the…

Posts below are from an external RSS feed at

The Libraries and UFPD – Active Assailant

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 Time: 10:00am – 11:15am Presenter: UFPD, Officer Renee Jost Location: Online Officer Renee Jost of the University of Florida Police Department will present UFPD’s “Active Assailant” training.…

Grants Gab: Drop-In Q&A

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024 Time: 10:30am – 11:30am Presenter: Jane Barnwell, Jenny Staples & Juliana Rojas Location: Training Program Room 419 Join us for "Grants Gab," an informal session…

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First NameLast NameDepartmentEmail AddressPhone NumberOffice Location
Legal Information Center(352) 273-0723Holland Hall
IlanaAbend-DavidResource Description 273-2712Smathers Library 410
CarrieAdamsHealth Science Center 244-2143Borland HSC Library (Jacksonville) 2066
LaurenAdkinsHealth Science Center 273-8444Communicore C2-226B
GregAllenResource Description 273-2707Smathers Library 400
MarkAllenderAcquisitions & Collections 273-2690Smathers Library 400
MaggieAnsellHealth Science Center 273-8410Communicore C2-226D
JoeAufmuthScience 273-0371Marston Science Library L301A
KatianaBaguéLibrary 273-2547Library West 256
LisaBaileyLibrary West H& 294-2765Library West 260
AnnBairdArchitecture & Fine 273-2809Fine Arts Building A 207
JamesBarnettConservation & 273-2650Interim Library Facility
JaneBarnwellLibrary 273-2782Library West 407A
VernaBedfordAcquisitions & Collections 273-2684Smathers Library 419
BetsyBemisSpecial & Area Studies 273-2676Smathers Library 310
JamiBeserockAccess & Resource 273-2539Library West 260
ThomasBielickeLibrary Technology 273-2893Communicore C2-215
BridgetBihm-ManuelSpecial & Area Studies 294-1052Smathers Library 200A
JeanBossartScience 273-2864Marston Science Library L201B
CynthiaBowkerLibrary Technology 273-2895Library West 118A
JamesBrooksShared 273-2553Interim Library Facility
AmyBuhlerScience 273-2879Marston Science Library L209C
LisaCampbellLibrary West H& 294-0476Library West 503
WillCanovaDigital Support 273-2905Interim Library Facility
RamonaCaponegroSpecial & Area Studies 273-2623Smathers Library 5-200C
JeremiahCarlsonBusiness 273-2560Library West 402
DavidCarnellLibrary 273-2852Marston Science Library 501A
KendraCarterDigital Support 273-2834Interim Library Facility
TaraCataldoScience 273-2868Marston Science Library L306B
AdamChalmersEducation 273-2670Norman Hall 1503C
WillChaneyLibrary Technology 273-2801Communicore C1-130
AlexisCharnasDigital Support 273-2915Interim Library Facility 115
ToddChisholmResource Description 273-2713Interim Library Facility 103
GregoryClaytonHealth Science Center 273-8428Communicore C1-125A
GusCliftonLibrary Technology 273-6558Communicore C1-129
PaulineClineAcquisitions & Collections 273-2643Smathers Library 417C
SarahCoatesSpecial & Area Studies 273-2817Smathers Library 200A
PerryCollinsDigital Partnerships & 273-2710Library West 257
DakotaCollinsShared Collectionsdcollins19@ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility
MistyColsonLibrary 273-2505Library West 535
CindyCraig (on sabbatical Fall 2022)Library West H& 273-2649
JeremiahCummingsLibrary Technology 273-8435Communicore C2-210
PamelaCunningham-WilliamsSpecial & Area Studies 273-2758Smathers Library 207
BradCurryScience 273-2855Marston Science Library L215C
DominiqueCurryDigital Support 273-2900Interim Library Facility 115
JimCusickSpecial & Area Studies 273-2778Smathers Library 306
ClintonDaileyShared 273-2552Interim Library Facility 103
MatthewDaleyLibrary Technology 273-8437Communicore C1-132
MeganDalyLibrary West H& 273-2709Library West 514
DonaldDavidLibrary Technology 294-0448Library West 118A
ChandlerDavisLibrary Technology 273-2884Library West 118
CalebDel RioSpecial & Area Studies 273-2756Smathers Library 260
SheliaDeRocheDigital Support 273-2696Interim Library Facility 117
MichaelDietzLibrary West H& 273-2620Library West 502
CynthiaDigbyHuman 273-2561Library West 401
ToddDigbyLibrary Technology 273-2590Library West 522
ChelseaDinsmoreResource Description 273-0369Smathers Library 406
LarisaDumichHealth Science Center 273-8408Communicore C1-125
FletcherDurantConservation & 273-2802Interim Library Facility
DustinDurdenLibrary Technology 294-2087Communicore C2-225
SheriEdwardsAcquisitions & Collections 273-2533Smathers Library 422
MaryEdwardsHealth Science Center 273-8421Communicore C2-226E
CynthiaEllisonJacksonville HSC Library (Borland) 244-3240Borland HSC Library (Jacksonville)
MichelleElneilAcquisitions & Collections 273-2671Smathers Library 419
RachaelElrodEducation 273-2627Norman Hall 1502
JoanneEndorfAccess & Resource 273-2882Library West 317
SarahEreksonLibrary West H& 273-2635Library West 521
TiffanyEstebanLibrary West H& 273-2875Library West 556
LoriEubanksHealth Science Center 273-8402Communicore C2-235
TremayneEvansShared 273-2550Auxiliary Library Facility 1630
JeanneEwertLibrary West H& 273-2648Library West 501
StaceyEwingLibrary West H& 273-2618Library West 508
JenniferFarringtonMap & Imagery 273-2825Smathers Library 101
LauraFederAcquisitions & Collections 273-2695Smathers Library 419
RobinFowlerScience 273-2888Marston Science Library L401A
SamFraleighResource Description 273-2716Smathers Library 400
MadisonFrancisAccess & Resource 273-2746Library West 260
RossFranklinEducation 273-2785Norman Hall 1503B
AngelaGainesAcquisitions & Collections 294-1361Smathers Library 414
ErinGallagherAcquisitions & Collections 294-0449Smathers Library 415
SaraGonzalezScience 273-2889Marston Science Library L208A
JakeGoodsonDigital Support 273-2901Interim Library Facility 127
CJGottScience 273-2504Marston Science Library L215E
SavannaGuerinLibrary West H& 273-2606Library West 520C
EnricoGumbayanAcquisitions & Collections 273-2686Smathers Library 413
PamelaHandleyResource Description 273-2593Interim Library Facility 117
KellyHandyLibrary West H& 273-2887Library West 262
NatyaHansHealth Science Center Librarynhans@ufl.eduCommunicore C2-227
BillHanssenFacilities & 273-2575Library West 134A
PaigeHarperResource Description 273-0377Auxiliary Library Facility
RobinHaskinsLibrary West H& 273-2530Library West 260
BradHatchFacilities & 273-2575Library West 138
BarbaraHauserShared 273-3030Interim Library Facility
DeeHawesShared 273-2550Auxiliary Library Facility
HavenHawleySpecial & Area Studies 273-2765Smathers Library 210A
JasonHeckathornAcquisitions & Collections 273-2521Smathers Library 411
AprilHelenaAcquisitions & Collections 294-1034Smathers Library 412
StevenHershSpecial & Area Studies 273-2543Smathers Library 207
JodyHewittResource Description 273-0375Auxiliary Library Facility
DevonHickeyAcquisitions & Collections 273-2697Smathers Library 417B
AprilHinesLibrary West H& 273-2728Library West 512
JosephHitzlerFacilities & 273-2581Library West 134A
JenniferHoferLibrary West H& 273-2639Library West 540
Anne-MarieHollingsheadBusiness 273-2562Library West 407 273-2505Library West 535
HélèneHuetLibrary West H& 273-2771Library West 539
AndyHunnLibrary Technology 273-2726Communicore C2-216
KimberlyHuntAccess & Resource 294-0450Library West 260
BethHuntResource Description 273-8400Interim Library Facility 106
JohnJackAcquisitions & Collections 294-2718Smathers Library 413
RebeccaJeffersonSpecial Collections - Judaica 273-2865Smathers Library Judaica Suite
MelissaJeromeSpecial & Area Studies 273-2637Smathers Library 300
VanessaJewettScience 273-2854Marston Science Library L207A
DavidJockersSpecial & Area Studies 273-2519Smathers Library 200A
TamaraJohnsonBusiness 273-3999Library West 407
LoriJohnsonSpecial Collections - Latin 273-2689Smathers Library 300C
DanielleJohnsonScience 273-2544Marston Science Library L215A
ChelseaJohnstonDigital Partnerships & 273-2904Library West 254
LaurelKaminskyScience 273-2624Marston Science Library L201A
SonceraKeeneLibrary West H& 273-2883Library West 543A
BrianKeithLibrary 273-2600Library West 519
BrittanyKesterEducation 273-2793Norman Hall 1501
DougKikerAcquisitions & Collections 273-2683Smathers Library 417A
PaulKirkMap & Imagery 273-2827Smathers Library 118
SaraKiszkaSpecial & Area Studies 273-2678Smathers Library 200D
MeredithKiteMap & Imagery 273-2829Smathers Library 113
EllenKnudsonSpecial & Area Studies 273-2787Smathers Library 307
MeganKoppitchMead 392-1554 x258
HollyKozlowskiAccess & Resource 273-2820Library West 261
GregoryKruegerBusiness 273-2558Library West 407
MatthewKruseSpecial & Area Studies 273-2513Smathers Library 200A
LiselyLaboyEducation 273-2522Norman Hall 1505
GeraldLangfordAcquisitions & Collections 273-2723Smathers Library 414
KatharineLemessyBusiness 273-2685Library West 407
AnnLindellArchitecture & Fine 273-2805Fine Arts Building A 203
Tina MarieLitchfieldHuman 273-2602Library West 422
JimLiversidgeSpecial & Area Studies 273-2759Smathers Library 208
BeatrizLugoResource Description 273-2724Smathers Library 400
XiaoliMaResource Description 273-2542Interim Library Facility 146B
TracyMacKay-RatliffDigital Partnerships & 273-2644Library West 253
GinessaMaharLibrary West H& 273-2729Library West 500
KeithManuelSpecial Collections - Latin 273-2540Smathers Library 300A
RaimondaMargjoniAcquisitions & Collections 273-2698Smathers Library 420
LauraMarionSpecial & Area Studies 770-3249Governor's House (St. Augustine)
Marston Science LibrariansScience 273-2851Marston Science Library
CarolMcAuliffeMap & Imagery 273-2825Smathers Library 101
PattiMcCallHealth Science Center 294-6358Communicore C2-228
PaulMcDonoughAccess & Resource 273-2523Library West 317
EmilyMcElroyHealth Science Center 273-8404Communicore C2-235A
PeterMcKayLibrary West H& 273-2634Library West 513
MariMekeLibrary West H& 273-2657Library West 518
SarahMeyerHealth Science Center 273-5559Communicore C2-229
VictoriaMillerHealth Science Center 273-8431Communicore C1-125
PeterMillerFacilities & 273-2578Library West 134B
HallieMillsLibrary 273-2505Library West 535
ValrieMinsonScience 273-2880Marston Science Library L312A
AidaMiro-HerransHealth Science Center 273-8443Communicore C2-226G
JesseMixsonLibrary West H& 273-8424Library West 520
JaneMorgan-DanielHealth Science Center 273-5560Communicore C2-226F
JulioMuñozLibrary Technology 273-8229Communicore C2-210
BoydMurphreeSpecial & Area Studies 273-2906Smathers Library 200A
JohnNemmersSpecial & Area Studies 273-2766Smathers Library 200G
ChrisNicolichLibrary Technology 273-2891Communicore C2-217
MichelleNolanScience 273-0366Marston Science Library L201C
RobertaNorris-SchneiderShared 273-2708Interim Library Facility
HannahNortonHealth Science Center 273-8412Communicore C2-226C
AymanOsmanResource Description 273-2720Smathers Library 407
SaraPaceLibrary West H& 273-2877Library West 543B
XuanPangAccess & Resource 273-2910Library West 263
SaraPedenAcquisitions & Collections 273-2524Smathers Library 413
JanePenDigital Support 273-2912Interim Library Facility 392-1721 x208
LauraPerryDigital Support 273-2911Interim Library Facility
ThomasPersicoHealth Science Center 273-2633Communicore C1-125
JosephPiazzaHuman 273-2601Library West 427
ArielPomputiusHealth Science Center 273-8441Communicore C2-226A
SarahPrenticeScience 273-2694Marston Science Library 215D
TabbyPursleyShared 273-2549Interim Library Facility 148
KaelaRamhitLibrary West H& 273-1240Library West 260
StaceyRayScripps 228-2929Scripps Library (Jupiter)
PatrickReakesLibrary 273-2505Library West 529
DanReboussinSpecial & Area Studies 273-2642Smathers Library 200A
HSCLReferenceHealth Science Center Libraryreference@health.ufl.eduCommunicore
RandallRennerDigital Support 273-2903Interim Library Facility
HaleyReppAccess & Resource 273-2538Library West 260
Library WestResearch Assistance DeskLibrary West H& 273-2665Library West 2nd Floor
CliffRichmondLibrary Technology 273-8439Communicore C2-227
TaniaRíosDigital Partnerships & 273-0370Library West
ChuckRobertsonHealth Science Center 273-8408Communicore C1-125B
JulianaRojasHuman 273-2534Library West 422
MelodyRoysterScience 273-2661Marston Science Library 312B
JudithRussellDean of University 273-2505Library West 535
PatriciaRuwellLibrary Technology 273-0376Library West 118A
SakunaSaengowArchitecture & Fine 273-2592Fine Arts Building A 202B
ChandlerSandyLibrary 273-2625Library West 535
LourdesSantamaría-WheelerLibrary 273-2564Library West 258
SafrazSattaurEducation 273-2859Norman Hall 1503B
ColleenSealeLibrary West H& 273-2619Library West 507
JohnSeayArchitecture & Fine 273-2805Fine Arts Building A 207
TerrySelfeHealth Science Center 273-8420Communicore C2-230
ChristyShoreyAccess & Resource 273-2831Library West 220
GarfieldSimmonsJacksonville HSC Library (Borland) 244-2145Borland HSC Library (Jacksonville)
JasonSlyeScience 273-2851Marston Science Library
JenniferSmithLibrary West H& 273-2866Library West 260
KatieSmithConservation & 294-2235Interim Library Facility 134
PlatoSmithLibrary 294-1077Library West 259
Bonnie J.SmithHuman 273-2603Library West 422
TerriSmithResource Description 273-2680Auxiliary Library Facility
SatokoSomeyaResource Description 273-2667Smathers Library 405 562-6027Library West
NathanSt. CroixResource Description 273-2621Interim Library Facility
JenniferStaplesBusiness 273-2518Library West 407
SuzanneStapletonScience 273-2715Marston Science Library 306A
AndreaStichResource Description 273-0367Interim Library Facility 115
NinaStoyan-RosenzweigHealth Science Center 273-8406Communicore C2-203B
DanielaSuzarteAccess & Resource 294-2764Library West 260
GWSwicordDigital Support 273-2763Interim Library Facility 140
LaurieTaylorDigital Partnerships & 273-2902Library West 255
MicheleTennantHealth Science Center 273-8426Communicore C2-203D
SarahTewSpecial & Area Studies 294-7210Library West 556
LeonardoTolentinoFacilities & 273-2548Library West 134A
EllieTownsendResource Description 273-2514Smathers Library 400
FlorenceTurcotteSpecial & Area Studies 273-2767Smathers Library 208
JoannaTuskeyScience 273-2853Marston Science Library 207B
MikeTylerLibrary Technology 273-2626Library West 118A
BarrettUhlerScience 273-2874Marston Science Library L501B
NaterciaValleScience 273-8987Marston Science Library L208A
DavidVan KleeckResource Description 273-2863Smathers Library 406
MargaritaVargas-BetancourtSpecial Collections - Latin 273-2692Smathers Library 300
AshVaughtLibrary West H& 273-2725Library West 555
JosephVickersLibrary West H& 273-2525Library West 260
BenWalkerShared 273-2545Library West 535
KestrelWardEducation 273-2627Norman Hall 1502
NeilWeijerSpecial & Area Studies 273-5743Smathers Library 200-G
MicheleWilbanksSpecial & Area Studies 273-2819Smathers Library 210
JacksonWilliamsScience 273-2607Marston Science Library L501B
DebraWoodwardLibrary West H& 273-2546Library West 520D
CaseyWoosterSpecial & Area Studies 770-3249Governor's House (St. Augustine) 204
BrianWordFacilities & 273-2575Library West 134
HaoYeHealth Science Center 273-2636Communicore C2-203C
Christine DriverYipScience 273-2871Marston Science Library L215B
MatthewYostDigital Support 273-2900Interim Library Facility 115
William C. (Hank)YoungResource Description 273-2733Interim Library Facility 103
BethZavoyskiScience 273-3293Marston Science Library L401B
BoruiZhangHealth Science Center 273-8434Communicore C2-41B
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